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Webmaster by accident

Good afternoon

Some time after I retired a charity I was involved with asked me if I would run their website. (Knowing where the switch was made me a computer expert.) I very firmly said "No" as I knew nothing about websites. However, since they were obviously having problems, I eventually relented, bought myself some books on the subject and had a go.

I should have remembered the advice I was given when I retired: "You'll think you have plenty of time on your hands, and so will other people, but it will soon disappear. Learn to say 'No' and mean it."

That charity was Chelmsford CHESS, a local charity helping homeless people, which eventually expanded and was able to take management of the website in-house. To look at their current website click here.

CHESS was not the only organisation to ask me to develop a website for them, although I only do it for not-for-profit groups. Included in the menu on the left are links to my own blog, to Pickaweb, the web hosting company I tend to use, and the organisations I run websites for at the moment.

The old proverb says that a cobbler's son is the worst shod. I have to admit I've not updated the design of this website since I first prepared it, so it doesn't take advantage of the developments in web technology over the last few years.